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Lunes is the largest cryptocurrency in Latin America. It was developed using innovative solutions, in a decentralized way and with total transparency, seeking solidity, massive adhesion, fast and cheap transactions. Lunes has a blockchain based on NG (Next Generation) technology, open-source and collaborative.

Lunes’ blockchain is prepared to store and guarantee the security of any kind of information. This enables us to use our blockchain to perform various processes in a decentralized manner, as well as: document authenticity records, digital asset issuance and execution of smart contracts.

Through the Lunes’ blockchain the generation time of the key block occurs in 60 seconds and the micro-blocks will take a few seconds, having the maximum capacity of 65,500 transactions per minute and 1,092 per second, that is, it processes a much larger volume of transactions when compared with greater market value such as Bitcoin, for example. With smaller and faster blocks, transactions are validated in an agile and cheap way. The validation of transactions on the Lunes network occurs through the LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) which is considered the safest validation scheme for blockchain.

In Leased Proof-of-Stake any network participant - who owns more than 5000 Lunes - can become a validator node, contributing to the security and gaining a share of network transaction fees as a reward. In addition, with the leasing system anyone can join the network as a validator lending the power of their Lunes to the network node.

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