Buy and sell cryptocurrencies without intermediaries

Lunes Wallet allows you to buy and sell
cryptocurrencies in a decentralized way
by the Peer-to-Peer system.

Sign up a plan and seize Lunes Wallet’s P2P:

1 month
Unlimited Ad/month
R$ 4 ,00
3 months
Unlimited Ad/month
R$ 10 ,00
6 months
Unlimited Ad/month
R$ 18 ,00
12 months
Unlimited Ad/month
R$ 24 ,00

Pay with bank slips or cryptocurrencies

Signing up for any plan and you’ll be allowed to:

  • Create sales order
  • Buy
  • Negotiate the 15 largest CoinMarketCap currencies
  • Track your negotiations
  • Evaluate and be evaluated for your negotiations
  • Use escrow to secure payment *
  • * Service with extra charge per use
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Check out some testimonials from users of our service:
“I use the Lunes’ Wallet and i buy LUNES in an easy and intuitive way, paying with other coins, that is, an excellent and innovative P2P service. Congratulations to Lunes team”.
“A great experience in both platform usability and transaction speed.”
José Luiz
"Les transactions sont extrêmement instantanés. Des que nous recevons l'argent par mobile money le client reçois ses pièces de lunes les quelques secondes qui arrivent."
Guillaume Yapo