Who we are

Headquartered in the city of Barueri, Lunes was born with the goal of simplifying people’s financial lives, using technology and solutions – be they products or services – based on blockchain technology. We believe in transforming the way people and companies deal with their own money by offering, through our decentralized platform, autonomy in managing resources without relying on banks or third parties.

At Lunes, we also believe in processes de-bureaucratisation, offering authenticity on registration services in an affordable way – low cost, simple and efficient.

Around February and May 2018 we conducted an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) where we successfully completed the sale of more than 102 millions digital tokens from our platform. The success of capitalization has allowed us to develop the ideal products and services.

Currently, more than 4000 clients use our services in Brazil and in countries in Africa, where we are constantly growing, such as Ivory Coast.

We are pioneers in offering financial services based on blockchain technology to African countries (especially to the Francophone Community) where access to banking and authenticity records is way too restricted and bureaucratic. We count with representatives who support our clients either in person or online and we are constantly seeking to offer products and services that assist towards the lack of banking access of these communities, thus helping to change the way people relate to their own money and register the authenticity of their documents.

Visão Lunes


Become the largest blockchain solution development platform in Latin America.

Missão Lunes


Create disruptive, intelligent solutions, de-bureaucratize audit and financial services, generating financial inclusion.

Valores Lunes


Respect to our collaborators, clients and suppliers with transparency and ethics, always emphasizing the legality in our processes.