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The practicality of an internet banking, with the freedom of digital coins and blockchain security. We have developed a platform with several solutions in one place, the multi-currency wallet of Lunes, in it is possible to store the main cryptocurrencies of the market and Real (Brazilian currency).


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Make your coins render

Leasing is the way for you to rent your Lunes to a computer that validates transactions that occur throughout Lunes’ network. Your coins will still be in your possession and you will receive new coins as a reward for contributing to the validations on our network.

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  • Real gain with Lunes Leasing can be up to 5% per year *.
  • You can cancel at any time.
  • Your money is in your possession.
  • Leasing is deflationary

* The leasing gain depends on the number of transactions validated on the network.

  • Real gain with a Saving Account in 2018 was 0,84%*.
  • Cancelable only during business hours.
  • Your money is in the bank’s possession.
  • Savings are inflationary.

* Real gain is obtained after removing inflation.


Add credit on your
cell phone with
cryptocurrencies and
Real (Brazilian currency)

The practical use of your digital currencies in your day to day life is now possible with the recharging of credits. In a quick and practical way you can recharge your mobile phone using digital and/or Real currency in your Lunes wallet.

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Pay bills directly
from your wallet

In the Lunes wallet you can use your cryptocurrencies and/or Real to pay bank slips in a practical, safe way and receive cashback - where you get back part of the amount spent. Whether by your computer, your smartphone browser, or your Android and IOS app.

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Buy your

Want to buy cryptocurrencies and don’t know how?

Here you can buy Lunes, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in a simple, fast and secure way directly from your multi-currency wallet. To buy just click on "Buy now" below and pick among the available values. You can pay with a cryptocurrency, debit card or bank slip. Option available also in the mobile version of the wallet, for Android and IOS systems.

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